Mission Investment for Savings and Loan Management(MIGEC SA) is an establishment of Microfinance (EMF) established since March 1996, which is based in Douala and offers local financial services to nearly 15 000 economic actors of society excluded from the traditional banking system. The MIGEC SA is an establishment of Microfinance of 2nd category, it is organized as a limited company since 2006. MIGEC currently has ten (10) branches in three major regions namely, the coastline in the Wouri department with six (06) agencies, the center with a (01) agency in Yaounde, Western region with three (03) agencies in the departments of the MIFI in Bafoussam, the Koung-Khi in Bandjoun and Baham highlands. In the next few years, the MIGEC aims to expand its network in the localities of KOUSSERI, MBALMAYO, MANJO in the Littoral Province, Buea in the South West, Foumbot west to meet the demand for customer base.