Our jobs

Our jobs

Whatever your education, your background and experience, MIGEC S.A. offers you the opportunity to express your talent and potential at different levels that constitute our business.


  • Receipt of customer funds
  • Removing the customer after use verification
  • The awarding of funds
  • Transfers Inter boxes
  • The stop its daily cash
  • Keep all accounting records of cash transactions
  • Keep a cash register
  • Provide the basis for the preparation of monthly statistics

Administrative Officer

  • Follow the front office cash transactions
  • Engage and unbuckle the clearing operations
  • Follow interagency operations, headquarters and services
  • Execute transfer orders
  • Reconcile link with outstanding accounts and accounting
  • Follow and execute endorsements of customer
  • Monitor cash transactions
  • Follow safe management
  • Perform the operations of bank deposits and withdrawals
  • Play the role of fund manager
  • Supervise the front and back office


  • Centralize accounting data
  • Oversee accounting agencies
  • Regularize the allocation errors within the limits of its powers
  • Prepare and monitor budget performance with other services
  • Follow the link accounts
  • The cost analysis and activity profiles of administrative units
  • The analytical operating accounts
  • Checking and making accounting items
  • supporting documents for accounting entries analysis
  • Computation of Interest and bank charges
  • Keeping mandatory books


  • computer operator
  • Analyze services needs of MIGEC S.A. in computing and logic design applications
  • Realize and implement computer programs;
  • Ensure the maintenance of service applications;
  • Provide training and retraining of users;
  • Ensure the security of the software and all the equipment against any possible deterioration
  • The programming of interest;
  • The import and export data for consolidation;
  • The inventory and codification of assets;
  • Held monthly statements for calculating premiums and commissions receivable.

Litigation Manager

  • Monitor network commitments
  • Monitor compliance with the procedures and memos
  • Develop, update and monitoring of various contracts
  • Managing the insurance portfolio
  • Follow the activities of the CNPS
  • Organize general assemblies and boards of MIGEC S.A.
  • Recovery of doubtful debts
  • Follow the litigation and contentious issues


  • Maintaining the safety of Securities transactions, goods and people
  • Promote efficiency and productivity
  • Ensure the production, protection and dissemination of reliable information and quickly available
  • Ensure compliance with the objectives set by senior management.

Commitments Manager

  • Prepare and convene the members of the credit committee
  • Present files in said committee
  • Transmit the PV and files for review to the Head office
  • Establish the repayment plan and the field visit
  • Ensure the drafting of weekly visits reports
  • Establish monthly credit portfolio statements
  • Reviving debtor clients and prepare contentious elements
  • Prepare monthly statistics commitments portfolio


  • Security agent
  • Ensure daytime security agency
  • Ensure the screening of visitors
  • Manage the customer queues

Service Agent

  • Ensure the cleanliness of the premises
  • Ensure the storage and control of furniture and equipment
  • Ensure the internal transfer documents
  • Ensure the destruction of the contents of baskets.

Collection agent

  • potential customers awareness
  • Ensure the daily collection
  • Securing fund raising during the day
  • Prospecting for the opening of new accounts
  • Relaying the complaints of customers to the branch manager
  • Provide monthly report of its performance.


Staff Manager

(Français) Chauffeur