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Presentation of MIGEC SA


   Faced with a policy of financial repression whose main manifestations were: an interventionist monetary policy, the predominance of public banks and a weak prudential regulation, the Cameroonian banking sector will experience an unprecedented crisis in the middle of the 80s This crisis that will cause bankruptcy many banks will make banking reform necessary by strengthening the regulatory system and the advent of microfinance will become an alternative to the traditional banking system that formerly excluded the less fortunate.

   In this trend, MIGEC S.A will be born in favor of these reforms in early 1996, and will position itself as a key link in the Cameroonian financial system.

   Originally EMF of the first category, the Investment Mission for the Management of Savings and Credit (MIGEC SA) formerly known as MIGEC-CAM, is a public limited company of microfinance under Cameroon law, and whose share capital is FCFA 750 000 000, is entirely owned by nationals.

   With its predominantly entrepreneurial vision, MIGEC's main goal is to support all entrepreneurs (large or small) with tailor-made financing solutions adapted to their activities.
   As one of the undisputed leaders of the microfinance industry in Cameroon, with the confidence of more than 24,000 micro-entrepreneurs, MIGEC has been able to withstand all the storms of the financial sector in Cameroon, thanks in particular to the quality of its products and services, the dynamism and competence of its staff, its strategic positioning in the national triangle, and above all the financial strength of its shareholders.

   Driven by a strategy of sufficiently controlled expansion, the MIGEC, aims very soon with the emergence of new technologies, to link its services to the digital economy and to get closer to its customers by opening new agencies.

   To date, MIGEC has ten agencies in the Littoral, Center and West regions.

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