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Frequently Asked Questions

MIGEC hear Investment Mission for the Management of savings and Credit, is an establishment of Microfinance create since 1996, wants to be attentive to the demands of people of all social strata without exceptions any. With a young staff, voluntary, dynamic and especially very welcoming..

In order that is his to contribute to the full development of all the MIGEC has made it its mission to "improve the quality of life of low-income populations in their bidders simple financial products and services, innovative and suited to all in a responsible, sustainable and above all profitable."
the MIGEC offers its valued customers products and services. We can mention regarding the products' accounts, financial investments (cash voucher and term deposit), credits. And regarding of services, MIGEC made in national speed cash through Cash Express service, but also International through Money Gram and Sigue operators, it also cash cheques, bank transfers and of course the exchange.
the MIGEC there are several types of accounts namely savings accounts of individuals and corporations booklets; individuals chequing accounts, current accounts companies and associations; wages transfer accounts; Islamic deposit accounts; capital accounts.FOR SAVINGS ACCOUNT:
Physical person
- Photocopy ID Card 3 photos 4 * 4
- Down Payment: 15000 FCFA opening
- Location Plan

Legal person (SME PMI) Associations
- Down Payment: 100000 FCFA opening
- tax files (for companies)
- Minutes of the constituent assembly (for associations)
- Photocopy statutes and ID Card of authorized agents
- CNI photocopy
- 02 photos 4 * 4
- Down Payment: 25000 FCFA
- Issuance of a check book: 25, 50, or 100 sheets
- Down Payment: 50000 FCFA
- Photocopy of tax or fiscal files
- the company location plan
- ID Card photocopy of the sponsor and its location plan
- 02 picture 4 * 4 of account authorized agents

SALARY PAYMENT ACCOUNT (Officials and private and parapublic employees)
- A salary transfer request to the employer
- A stamped handwritten request for officials
- 02 pictures 4 * 4
- Certificate of service plug and effective presence at post
- The newest pay vouchers for officials or last pay slip for the other
- Photocopy of valid ID Card (legalized for civil servants)
- Certificate of no fee (for those foreign exchange bank)
- opening fee 10000 FCFA for officials and for those who change bank.

- Does not generate interest
- Initial payment: 15 000 FCFA
- CNI photocopy
- Location Plan
- Minimum payment: 500 FCFA
- Management fees: 1 / 30th monthly installments with a minimum of 500 FCFA
- ID Card photocopy
- 01 Picture 4 * 4

The MIGEC offers several types of credit to meet the precise needs of applicants. So we distinguish Credits Investments to finance your investment in equipment and installation; Consumption of credits for family events (marriage, birth, bereavement, end party of years and many others); of School Credits for school costs of your children; Advance of salary (up to 70% of your monthly salary); Moto Credits for the acquisition of a means of locomotion; end of overdrafts. And to get it is very simple, simply:
- Have an income generating activity
- Have cash worries
- Be of good moral character
- Having a guarantor.
- to transfer his salary to MIGEC and provide an irrevocable salary transfer certificate
At MIGEC when the complete file of the customer is received, the study takes 48 hours maximum.
At MIGEC the duration of the credit is a function of the quality of customer and subscribed credit type. It varies from 06 to 12 months for merchants and other individuals and 24 to 36 months for employees
to offer a possibility of choice to customers in order to satisfy them at best, MIGEC entered into partnership with two money transfer operators abroad that are SIGUE and MONEY GRAM. And the dynamism of its staff, within five (05) minute your operation is performed.

the MIGEC has a platform in it, in relation BGFIBank to enable it to perform real -time transfers and paying taxes for others.
MIGEC currently has (10) Agencies in three (03) major regions namely: Littoral with six (06) agencies, including those of AKWA Republic, AKWA Douche, Bonaberi, Mboppi, Ndogpassi and Bonamoussadi. Then the Western region with two (02) agencies including Bafoussam, Baham and end with the Centre (02) agency in Etoudi andTsinga face to FECAFOOT.
MIGEC SA is open to all without distinction
- SMEs / SMIs
- Housewives
- Tradespeople
- Bayam sellam
- Groups, GIC, NGOs
- Businessmen
- Tontine Association
- Growers / farmers
- Educational institutions
- Public and private sector employees
- Call boxer and selling fritters, everyone can be customer MIGEC

MIGEC’s values are the following
- Model
- Integrity
- Warranty
- Listening to the Customer
- Confidence
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