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Migec Info :

Our Products: Our Accounts, Our fundingOur investments              Our Services: Migec Mobile Cash, Rapidcash, CASH EXPRESS: Fast money transfer into the MIGEC branch network by people with an account. Ria, worldremit, PAYTOP, smallworld, WESTERN UNION, Sigue, Moneytrans & MoneyGram: Fast sending / receiving money around the world, Internal Transfer: transfer from account to account or transfer to other MIGEC customer, External Transfer: Transfer to other correspondent (bank, Microfinance),
Link: Check cashing and Bank transfer 24h.


Our services

1)  Sending / Receiving fast money around the world
    • PAYTOP
    • SIGUE
    • RIA

2) Domestic transfer

    • Rapid Cash

3) Mobile Banking

    • Migec Mobile Cash

4) SMS Alerts

    • SMS Banking

5) Mobile Money

    • MTN Money
• Orange Money

6) Internal transfer
Transfer from one account to another or transfer to another MIGEC customer

7) External Transfer
Transfer to other correspondent (Bank, Microfinance)

8) Bank Compensation (LINK)
  - Check Cash in 24H (Tax, CNPS and Bank Accounts)
  - Bank transfer in 24H (Taxes, CNPS and Bank Accounts)

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