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Our Accounts

SAVINGS ACCOUNT ON BOOKLET (Natural person, legal person)
It is an account open to natural and legal persons. It makes it possible to dispose of its funds with the possibility to withdraw them at any time without notice and to benefit from the advantages proportional to the capital in account. It is held on book or book with a minimum amount of fifteen thousand francs (15,000 FCFA) at the opening for individuals; and for legal persons, the minimum amount is one hundred thousand francs (100,000 FCFA).

ISLAMIC DEPOSIT ACCOUNT (Natural person, legal person)

The Islamic deposit account open to Muslims in particular, works just like the passbook savings account with the only difference that the owner of this account does not enjoy certain benefits. The initial minimum deposit is CFAF 15,000

It is a deposit account that guarantees its owner the advantage of making withdrawals but supports the agios. The initial payment is twenty five thousand francs (25,000 FCFA). The customer holding this account must purchase a checkbook to perform their day-to-day operations. For individuals, employees and CNPS residents the initial payment is free


  It is an account open to legal entities constituted in SARL, SA, SNC, NGO, GIC, large establishments holding a proper accounting. The initial payment is fifty thousand francs (50,000 FCFA)

DAILY ACCOUNTS COLLECTIONS (Any natural or legal person)
It is an account open to any natural person exercising an activity generating income. The minimum daily payment is five hundred francs (500 FCFA) while benefiting from microloans.

PAYMENT TRANSFER ACCOUNT (physical person)   

It is an account reserved for natural persons who are also employed in the companies of the place. The opening of the bank transfer account is free, however, the employee benefits from all the advantages such as: Payday advance, Discovered, Credit.

Composition of the Dossier:

  • Officials and Employees of private and parastatal enterprises
  • Officials and Employees of private and parastatal enterprises
  • 2pictures 4x4 Attestation of service civil servants
  • Census Receipt for Residents
  • Stamped handwritten application for officials Most recent pay statement for civil servants
  • CNI valid Photocopy(legalized for civil servants)
  • Certificate of no fee (for those who change banks)

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